Can You Pass Your Prince2 Foundation Exam Cheaply?

When I was preparing for my Prince2 Foundation exam I realized I didn’t know the correct questions to ask on my own. Hiring a tutor was not an option because I didn’t have the time and the money.

The price of the curriculum has soared over the years because of the Kingdom’s reputation as a major stock market. My cheap tutors cost me around $200 per week!

After I had passed my Prince2 Foundation exam, I knew that I would need to write an exam for myself. I had originally planned to write an exam to help get me onto a part time or internship course, but I realized I had some experience writing exams on my own, I could write an exam to get me on to a full time job.

Before I began writing my Foundation exam I went online and bought some Prince2 Institute review books. I wanted to know what I was getting into before I started. I found the curriculum to be quite a bit different than a general ECE course.

Since I already knew that Prince was not the best choice for my foundation exam I decided to start with something simpler. I was lucky enough to find a book on piano lessons that was sold cheap for under $50.

If you’re going to buy something on eBay, it pays to read reviews. Some of my cheap tutors reviewed the book and said it was too technical, others said it was very easy to understand.

The thing is that I couldn’t find anything that was much more complex than the foundation exam on my own. So I decided to pay a lot of money for a book that could have been written by someone who had taken Prince2 but had decided to start with something else. I started the test about a week before the exam. This was fine since I could practice. I had gone through the first chapter of the book by the time I took the exam and I was well prepared.

The exam went really smoothly and I got a passing grade on the first try. I had also hired a tutor who was on the forum where I was taking the exam so he knew the right questions to ask on my behalf.

I found a second book on music that I was quite familiar with, but I didn’t want to be the only one with this knowledge. A friend who had worked on a music publishing company told me that she had bought the books on their site and had passed her foundation exam with them.

I ended up buying both books and finished the whole book. I then spent the rest of the money I had saved by getting the low priced tutors to write the exams for me.

If you’re looking for an exam to prepare for a job, make sure you don’t forget to take the test. If you want to learn more about the subjects you can take the test on the forums.