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IPMA Certifications are based on an Individual Competence Baseline (ICB), which establishes what project managers should know. Certifications last for five years before holders must submit a self-assessment to remain certified.

Practice exams help candidates become acquainted with the format and structure of the actual examination, as well as identify areas which need further study or clarification.

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IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director exam seeks to evaluate project management experience on both an in-depth and breadth scale, targeted towards senior professionals managing extremely complex projects, programmes, or portfolios at a strategic level. It consists of two parts – written examination and interview panel interview – which should give an indication of candidate competency.

In order to successfully pass an exam, candidates should study thoroughly and take advantage of any available training courses tailored towards specific sections of ICB certification process. Network with other project management professionals preparing for certification examination as they may offer valuable advice or offer insight into its process.

Once you have successfully passed an IPMA Level A exam, your certification can be maintained through continuous professional development activities that contribute a specified number of Professional Development Units through activities like attending workshops and contributing to professional bodies.

Exam preparation

Completing the IPMA level A Certified Projects Director exam is an integral step in becoming a project management professional. Employers benefit from having a benchmark of competence to judge your skills against, while it increases organizational value as it builds client trust in you as project manager.

Certification involves passing both a written examination and interview with a panel of experts, to qualify for this level of certification candidates must possess extensive experience managing complex projects as part of a senior project management role, along with providing a report highlighting their achievements as project managers.

As part of your exam preparation strategy, taking advanced project management courses may prove to be invaluable. Not only will these classes develop your strategic skillset; but also give insight into the type of questions likely to appear on the exam itself. Furthermore, participating in forums and joining local chapters of IPMA provides networking opportunities among project management professionals.

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IPMA provides Four Levels of certifications, each focused on different aspects of project management and providing a framework for career advancement. Level A certification is specifically geared toward professionals managing projects at an executive level; it requires leadership abilities as well as aligning project goals with organizational objectives.

To prepare for the IPMA Level A exam, it’s essential that you draw on current work experience and implement project management techniques in an actual work setting. This will build confidence while broadening understanding of complex concepts. Furthermore, joining forums or attending seminars with project management professionals preparing for similar exams can offer invaluable tips and support – which is also extremely important.

IPMA Level A assessment consists of a written exam with open-ended questions drawn from the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline which has 29 competence elements organized into three categories: Perspective, People and Practice.

Exam sitting

IPMA Level A certification is an ideal project management qualification for professionals wishing to demonstrate their ability to oversee complex projects, programmes, and portfolios at a strategic level. Furthermore, this qualification demonstrates knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for compliance management strategies and increasing stakeholder engagement.

Preparing for an exam requires practicing sample questions and creating a study schedule, while also eliminating distractions during preparation and answering within set time limits. Practice questions help candidates familiarize themselves with the format and structure of an actual test day exam, reducing anxiety.

Candidates for project management exams can also benefit from joining IPMA forums and local chapters, where they can network with other project management professionals preparing to take the exam, share experiences and offer practical advice, while keeping abreast of new trends and developments in project management through attending industry conferences.

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Preparing for Level A Certification involves understanding comprehensive project management theories and applying them in real-life situations, while understanding governance models to ensure project success while fitting within organizational strategy. Practice exam questions can help candidates familiarize themselves with the format and structure of an actual exam.

Hire Someone To Take Do IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director) Exam

This international qualification is tailored to senior project, programme and portfolio directors looking to demonstrate their abilities on a strategic level. Available through IPMA Member Associations and Certification Bodies worldwide.

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IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director certification is intended for experienced project management professionals who oversee complex projects, programmes, or portfolios on a strategic level. To succeed at this certification requires having an in-depth knowledge of comprehensive project management theories as well as being able to apply them effectively in real-life scenarios. Preparation for this examination takes dedication and practice – practice tests or mock exams may help candidates identify areas for further study while networking with other project management professionals who have taken this exam can offer invaluable insights as well as moral support.

Earning this certification demonstrates that you have met all the competencies outlined in the IPMA Individual Competence Baseline and applied them effectively across complex environments with full responsibility for leading others. It is widely recognised and serves as an internationally recognised qualification for project, programme, and portfolio managers; the qualification is based on four-level IPMA Project Manager certification system providing standards against which project management performance can be measured.

Exam Preparation

Exams designed to test candidates on their ability to manage complex projects with strategic impact are designed to test candidates on their project management ability and readiness for leadership roles such as PMO Head or senior Project Portfolio Manager. Those who pass will become certified experts.

The certification process begins with an application, self-assessment and interview by an assessor. Furthermore, it involves attending a one day workshop that includes practical project management exercises as well as reporting back on your actual work experience. Specific requirements vary by country and are set forth by IPMA member associations acting as certifying bodies.

Preparing thoroughly for the IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director exam is crucial, including studying relevant material and practicing answering exam questions. Sample exams can help reduce anxiety while simultaneously helping candidates identify areas requiring further study or clarification, plus making sure questions can be completed within their required time limits.

Exam Taking

IPMA Level A Certification exam requires candidates to apply comprehensive project management theories in real-life scenarios. To prepare, candidates can utilize resources such as Practice Exams and mentors who can guide them through this process. Using such resources may also reduce anxiety while improving test performance as well as identify areas that require further study or practice.

Level A certification is an internationally-recognized professional recognition for project, programme and portfolio managers who have demonstrated their competence over time. It represents the pinnacle international qualification in project management – showing your ability to oversee complex projects at strategic levels.

As part of your exam-taking process, IPMA offers forums or local chapters for exam takers so they can network with professionals who have already earned this certification and exchange tips and encourage each other. Joining them may provide invaluable advice, moral support and keep you on track with studies; additionally you may gain knowledge about new developments by subscribing to relevant newsletters or attending industry conferences.

Exam Writing

The IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director Exam is comprised of two components, including a written exam and interview. The written examination includes multiple-choice questions, essay and case study questions designed to test knowledge of advanced project management principles and practices; interview questions may include multiple-choice responses as well as essays about complex project scenarios. A panel of experts conducts the interview in order to assess candidate leadership capabilities as well as abilities when handling complex situations during complex projects.

This qualification equips candidates for roles directing highly complex projects that have an extensive strategic impact, as well as providing a framework for developing an holistic approach to project management based on IPMA Competence Dimensions – thus supporting successful implementation of projects aligned with their company’s business strategy.

Preparing carefully for each section of an exam is key to its success, including practice exams, networking with fellow project managers and attending workshops on the topic. Furthermore, it can be helpful to identify areas for improvement during preparation and take steps towards rectifying them during exam day.

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IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director exam is an intensive certification process. Candidates are subject to written examination and interviews intended to test their abilities to lead complex projects strategically.

Preparing for this exam requires knowledge of comprehensive project management theories and an ability to apply them in real-life situations. Thankfully, there are various resources available that can assist you in your study efforts for this exam.

Find Someone To Do My IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director) Exam

Exam Preparation

IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director exams consist of both a written examination and interview. Candidates must also submit a detailed report outlining their experience managing complex projects to help assessors ensure they are competent to be granted certification.

Acquiring IPMA Level A certification opens doors to senior roles within project management. It demonstrates your abilities to oversee complex projects, programs or portfolios from a strategic level.

To prepare for the IPMA Level A Examination, it is wise to create a comprehensive study plan and utilize multiple learning resources. This will enable you to familiarize yourself with its format and increase your odds of success. Practicing exams also provide immediate feedback on performance as well as insight into types of questions that might appear during an actual examination. Repetition through practice tests also serves to strengthen memory of important information while improving problem-solving abilities.

Practice Exams

IPMA Level A certification requires candidates to demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of advanced project management concepts, while applying them effectively in real-life situations. Practice exams provide an ideal way of becoming acquainted with exam formats while honing problem-solving capabilities and building problem-solving abilities. Furthermore, practice exams offer instant feedback so you can quickly identify areas for improvement and focus on the most essential information.

If you do not achieve the results that are satisfactory on an exam, you can request an evaluation by the certification body. They may decide either to endorse or decline you; either way they will explain their decision in writing.

Joining forums or local chapters of IPMA is another fantastic way to network with fellow project managers preparing to take certification exams, offering study tips and moral support which may prove instrumental in reaching your goals. Staying abreast of industry news and attending relevant industry conferences are additional means of professional growth and staying abreast of new developments in project management.


IPMA Level A Certified Projects Director exam provides an in-depth evaluation of one’s ability to oversee complex projects, programmes and portfolios at a strategic level. Based on Individual Competence Baseline (ICB), there are no formal educational requirements for certification; however it is advised that candidates take courses beforehand in order to gain an understanding of ICB and develop exam-taking strategies.

Practice mock exams to reduce anxiety and familiarize candidates with the format and structure of actual examinations, while also understanding time constraints so as to stay within them when taking real examinations.

IPMA Level A certification is tailored for experienced project professionals with substantial responsibility in managing complex projects, programmes and portfolios at senior levels.

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