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PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification is the top level certification available for agile Project management methodologies, validating your ability to combine governance from PRINCE2 with agile working methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and Lean Startup.

Exam information The PRINCE2 Agile exam is open book, so candidates may use the official PRINCE2 Agile guide throughout. There are 50 questions which must be completed within 2 hours and 30 minutes; many questions relate to case studies or are scenario-based.

Exam Preparation

Comprehending the structure and format of both the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner exams is paramount for ensuring you pass them. This means becoming familiar with their nature of questions as well as the scope and depth of content.

Establishing regular practice exams will familiarise and build your confidence with the exam format, and improve your preparation. Select a source which offers real exam conditions with explanations for correct and incorrect answers – this information can help identify areas for improvement and boost preparation.

As mentioned above, taking the PRINCE2 Agile exam without training is possible; however it is strongly advised that you complete a formal e-Learning course first. These provide comprehensive study materials and knowledge checks, practice exams and other tools designed to prepare you for your examination – typically lasting 12-14 hours and including multiple-choice and structured questions as well as offering certificates of completion from PeopleCert or your training provider.

Practice Exams

Practice exams provide candidates with an invaluable way to familiarize themselves with exam questions and become acquainted with exam scenarios. Conducted by professionals and domain experts, practice exams offer candidates an ideal way to self-evaluate their knowledge and address any weak areas so that they may perform at their best in real exams.

PRINCE2 Agile (PRINCE2 Practitioner with Agility) certification is intended for project professionals working within an agile delivery context and looking to demonstrate their ability to implement PRINCE2’s principles, themes, processes and management products within such environments. Primarily targeted towards project managers but also relevant for those responsible for governance roles on agile projects as well as those supporting programs or projects from a support role perspective.

The exam is closed book. As part of its voucher, participants gain access to Axelos Digital Core Guidance eBook that can be utilized after taking their exam – providing valuable resources that may advance careers and enhance employment prospects.

Exam Simulators

Exam simulators can be an extremely valuable way of preparing for professional Certifications Exams. By familiarizing candidates with the type of questions that will appear on test day and offering useful feedback on progress made towards their exam goals, exam simulators offer one of the most efficient approaches to test prep.

Exam simulators create an extremely realistic experience, complete with time constraints and scoring for every question. Furthermore, they track performance across domains and knowledge areas to highlight any areas requiring additional study; you can even compare your scores against those of other participants!

Select a simulator with an intuitive user-interface and extensive content. It should offer practice exams covering questions from easy to difficult difficulty levels as well as detailed explanations for correct and incorrect answer choices, additional resources and a comprehensive report that allows candidates to review results and enhance performance.

Online Groups or Communities

An effective way to prepare for the PRINCE2 Agile exam is to join an online group or community. Here, professionals are on hand to answer any questions about passing it as well as training and certification courses which can be found both locally and worldwide.

The Practitioner level exam examines the intersection between PRINCE2 and agile methods of working. It considers how best to tailor PRINCE2 principles, themes, and processes in accordance with agile project scenarios; additionally it looks into relationships between agile techniques and governance needs.

As certification can open doors and increase salaries, obtaining it may also boost confidence when managing agile projects. Certification can be acquired via training courses and exams purchased separately – these costs may differ depending on where you reside so please refer to PeopleCert’s PRINCE2 Agile page for updates regarding Foundation and Practitioner fees.

Pay Someone To Take My PRINCE2® Agile Exam

PRINCE2 Agile is an internationally recognised professional certification that is becoming increasingly valued among Project Managers, making this qualification an asset to your CV and an attractive addition.

This package combines both the official exam and re-sit exam at a significant discount compared to purchasing them individually.

This combined PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner course is intended for anyone who provides projects within an agile environment, including project managers with governance responsibilities or anyone responsible for project delivery.

Pay Someone To Take My PRINCE2® Agile Exam


The PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner exam is an innovative project management certification, combining agile ideas with PRINCE2, the world’s most widely adopted project management methodology. This qualification is ideal for professionals working within project environments who utilize agile delivery methods or have governance responsibilities for such projects; additionally it provides invaluable experience for programme and project support roles.

Exams administered through PRINCE2 Agile Core Guidance can be open book, which means candidates may use the official PRINCE2 Agile Core Guidance manual during testing; however, sticky notes or loose leaf papers with additional notes are prohibited from use during the examination process. Questions will include both scenario-based questions as well as multiple choice.

In order to pass, it’s necessary to get at least 36 out of 60 questions correct within 1 hour of taking the exam. A good way to save time and maximize efficiency during this test is answering easier questions first and returning later for more difficult ones – this way you will make the best use of your limited time available.

Exam Formats

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner exams can make an invaluable contribution to any CV, whether project management is your aim or you work in projects in other capacities. Practitioner certification should be targeted by those engaged with governance responsibilities on projects utilizing agile delivery methodologies for projects with governance responsibilities that employ these delivery methodologies.

The Foundation exam lasts one hour and includes 50 questions; it’s closed-book with a pass mark of 30 or higher.

The Practitioner exam typically lasts two and a half hours and questions are based on a scenario booklet, while you can utilize your PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner guide during this test. At ILX we offer training courses to prepare candidates for both exams – these include Foundation and Practitioner courses along with additional Agile course options that cover these exams; all available at different dates and locations worldwide. ILX is also an Approved Training Organization (ATO) of PeopleCert which means face to face and online options are also provided!

Exam Locations

The PRINCE2 Agile exam is available worldwide, so you can take it whenever it best fits into your schedule. Additionally, Exams may also be taken at an Axelos-authorized training provider’s centre.

PRINCE2 Agile brings together agile approaches with PRINCE2, offering project managers an effective project management framework with greater flexibility and responsiveness than their current methods provide. It’s ideal for those already using PRINCE2, but who recognize the advantages of taking an integrated approach.

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation-level certification does not have any prerequisites; however, to become certified at Practitioner-level you will require Foundation certification first as a precondition. Practitioner exams are open book, so during testing you may refer to both official PRINCE2 Agile Guidance documents as well as your Core Guidance eBook as reference points.

Exam Time

Candidates taking PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner exams must possess an in-depth knowledge of the associated syllabus. This means not only reading through the manual but also reviewing mock exam papers and using study aids. Joining online groups that cover this certification’s topics could be especially useful, providing answers to any lingering queries they might have about these certifications.

The Foundation exam lasts one hour and comprises 50 multiple-choice questions; to be successful in passing it, candidates must score 28 marks or higher. In contrast, the two-and-a-half hour Practitioner examination combines multiple questions with case studies for project professionals working within project environments who want to combine PRINCE2 with agile delivery methods; its pass mark for this examination is 30 out of 50 questions; once successfully completed, their PRINCE2 Agile practitioner certificate remains valid for three years.

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The PRINCE2 Agile exam is tailored towards those working in project environments or project management professionals, teaching learners how to combine PRINCE2 Framework and agile methodologies.

Improve the efficacy of project management skills. A new type of certification, it combines agile concepts with one of the world’s most widely-used project management methodologies to produce impressive results.

Find Someone To Do My PRINCE2® Agile Exam

Examination doing service

Submitting for and passing the PRINCE2 Agile exam is an invaluable opportunity in your professional career. Not only will it demonstrate your knowledge of this renowned project management technique, but also enable you to utilize its principles within an agile environment.

To ensure that training meets the Highest Quality standards, AXELOS partners with authorized training organisations to deliver courses and exams. PeopleCert administers these examinations; successful candidates receive a digital certificate which can be used as proof of knowledge about a particular method for three years.

The virtual certification program includes instructor-led classes that replicate classroom schedules to provide an engaging learning experience. Foundation and Practitioner exams are offered in English; during your exam you have the option of increasing font size or skipping questions as desired and changing answers before submission; however it should be noted that braindumps are strictly forbidden – should this occur, exam results may become invalidated immediately.

Exam preparation

Acquiring the PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner certification from AXELOS is an ideal way to demonstrate your expertise in project management best practices and further your career advancement, opening up additional responsibilities and raising pay in your current role. Furthermore, this qualification adds prestige and can increase job security when applied for by employers who require specific project manager qualifications for certain sectors such as the public sector or other specialized fields.

As part of your exam preparations, you should dedicate sufficient time and energy studying the course materials. Create summary notes and underline key concepts – this will help you remember and retain information more effectively. You may even recite the notes aloud to strengthen understanding and increase chances of passing.

Maintaining regular mock exams is also key. Doing this will familiarise yourself with the exam format and build confidence in you as an examinee. Mock exams also reveal your strengths and weaknesses so you can work towards optimizing performance on test day.

Exam taking

Exam Taking is the practice of responding to questions in a formal examination in order to verify student understanding of course materials. Examinations usually feature multiple-choice questions with the student requiring at least 28 marks to pass successfully.

Take notes during the exam of key information and create short, succinct summary notes – this can help ensure you retain more of the material and increase your chances of passing the PRINCE2 Agile exam. You could even record yourself reading your notes for future reference.

PRINCE2 Agile is a process-based project management approach that combines agile framework principles with structured approaches such as Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). Suitable for use across industries and projects of all kinds and types – IT included! A PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certificate certifies knowledge and comprehension of PRINCE2 technique and agile methods of working, as well as how they may be combined together.

Exam writing

Exams and learning have always had an inextricable link. Exams serve as the perfect complement to higher education; their relationship has played an instrumental role in changing it substantially. But to truly transform education, it must also change how exams function within classroom environments.

Students typically must respond to questions during an exam by providing short answers of one or two sentences, depending on what instructions are given from the examining body. Be sure to read carefully through these instructions, paying special attention to any word limits or formatting requirements (i.e. no italics or underlining).

The PMI-ACP Certification is an ideal way for professionals to expand their understanding of Agile processes and methodologies, merging flexibility of Agile with PRINCE2 project management methodologies. PMTraining’s classes reflect this latest version of the PMI-ACP exam introduced on March 26, 2018, featuring its new Agile Tools and Techniques knowledge area.

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