Studying for the Prince2 Exam in Manchester

I recently had the pleasure of going to the Prince exam in Manchester. I chose this particular test because it was the only one that specifically mentioned going through the program ‘Princess Bride’ for reference. My impression is that almost every test centre in the UK has this kind of reference.

The test center for the Prince2 exam in Manchester is located on The Park at Manchester. It is a fairly large hall and it can feel a little intimidating to walk in.

The staff are friendly and they let you know how much is covered in the class. They even made sure that your test book had the right binder with the chapter lists and notes included, so you can just pull it out when you need them. You will be told exactly what is covered by the class before you begin. There is no guessing.

When you sit the class you will be asked to complete a quiz or a challenge. This should not be too hard. You will be given a checklist of materials you will need to write a page about. These are usually given after the professor will review your work for the day.

This can become quite tedious as you need to repeat things, but the professor is honest with you about this. Some of the topics require you to write on their assigned pages.

You will then have to go through the real exam. Most of the time this is just another set of written question and answers. Other times the professor will allow you to read ahead of time so you can see what he wants you to write.

Other students in the class have been coming to the class for many years. You can find out who they are and what they have to say about the class and the professor by asking them. Many of the questions and answers have already been covered.

For example, if you take the class you can expect to write a personal statement. This will be a very brief summary of why you are taking the class and what you hope to learn. The professor is generally happy to answer any questions that students have about this portion of the exam.

You will also be required to read through the book. This will be a bit different than taking the traditional classes. You will be assigned reading material at the beginning of the class. These books are written to help you prepare for the real exam.

During the first class of the semester there will be some things you may be unsure of. As a courtesy to all of the students in the class, you will be given an option of ‘Yes or No’. This will let you know if you are doing something correctly or not.

In order to really understand the material and be able to show that you understand it, you should understand the material in your own hands. Doing this through other sources of instruction can help you make your own judgment calls.

The last part of the class, which includes listening and doing, is a great way to make sure that you really understand the material. However, it is recommended that you do your studying on your own time and not when the teacher is teaching. This will make sure that you study well for the real exam and have a good understanding of the concepts and not get lost in the shuffle of the class.