Registering For Prince2 Foundation Exams

To start the process of registration, you will need to speak to a representative at your local Prince2 Foundation office to find out what type of registration package you will be offered. You may also need to arrange for some tests for the exam in order to satisfy the requirement. There are three types of registration packages:

Online Registration – This option is good for students who have access to an internet connection and are not likely to cancel the registration prior to the examination day. This is the fastest and most convenient method. Students must ensure that they will have enough time to complete the registration process in order to avoid paying late fees on examination day.

Convenience Package – A student can register at any Prince2 Foundation offices during a student’s period of registration. This allows them to easily get their Prince2 Foundation exam registration completed before they need to plan their week ahead of time.

Professional Registration – This option is only available to students who are working or are in school full time. Students should note that this type of registration allows for flexible payment options such as a month to month payment plan.

If you are unable to pay for your exam fee with the first option you choose, you can always choose the second option. However, keep in mind that this option comes with a higher tuition fee and you may incur late fees on your next scheduled examination date.

Some student groups or clubs may also offer registration packages. However, there are typically a few extra costs associated with these options.

Your registration will take several days in order to process. If you have a mailing address that is different from your home address, make sure you mail in your registration form before your next scheduled test date.

Examination forms can be sent through the post and can arrive to your home in just a few days. However, there are some cases where the post office will not deliver your forms.

One important thing to remember about a mailing address when registering for Prince2 exams is that you should be able to get back your registration form within two weeks of the examination date. If you don’t receive the form within this timeframe, call the Prince2 Foundation Office and follow up with them.

Remember, this is an examination and a means of examining yourself. Having to mail back your forms after they are printed is very inconvenient and will cause you to miss at least one examination day.

During the registration period, you will be sent confirmation emails in which you will be required to click on a link to verify your information. After you complete this process, you will be provided with a password that will allow you to access your registration form.

Please make sure you use the same password throughout the registration period. Failure to do so will prevent you from accessing your registration form and will result in an invalid registration.