Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Assistant and Pharmacy Technician Exam

I recently took the Prince exam to be a pharmacist and I want to share with you my experience. The three parts of the Prince2 exam are pharmacy technician, pharmacy assistant, and pharmacy technologist. I got all three of them on my first try.

The two pharmacy technician parts require two study books. The first book covers all of the topics covered in the pharmacy technician sections and the second book covers all of the topics covered in the assistant section. I didn’t have a problem getting the books together, and I believe it was easy to read. I learned about the principles of pharmacology process and I learned how to use the right amounts of medication in my patients. I also learned how to administer medication according to state regulations.

The two pharmacy assistant parts require four study books. The first book covers the contents of the pharmacology and pharmacy assistant sections. It also has a chapter on pharmacology processes and procedures. The second book will cover the contents of the pharmacy technician section. It will also cover a chapter on pharmacy technologists and a few pharmacology process sections. This book was difficult to find because the pharmacist class required the books are 2 year programs so they weren’t available to take the Prince exam.

My best problem with the pharmacology and pharmacy assistant books is that they didn’t cover the phlebotomy section. The pharmacist section covered all of the steps needed to be a pharmacist including the three required pharmacy technician classes. I was able to get my pharmacy technician certification without taking the Prince2 exam.

The pharmacology section of the Prince2 exam requires the use of a laptop to complete all of the areas. The Prince testing centers only offered laptops so I would have to purchase one if I wanted to take the exam. I didn’t feel comfortable taking the Prince2 exam with a laptop at home, so I decided to hire someone to take my Prince2 exam.

In order to qualify for the Prince2 exam you must prepare for it for at least a year. The exam is given on a schedule of nine sections. You have to pass all sections to pass the exam.

I decided to take a Prince2 retest. Since I had passed the first time I wanted to do it again but I would need to hire someone who had taken the Prince2 exam and did not pass. I chose to hire someone who didn’t pass the second time around. This way I would have someone I knew to do the Prince2 exam for me.

I decided to hire Regniuk. She had taken the exam in 2020 and she was willing to help me find an assistant on the Prince2. We had some preliminary meetings and we decided that she would do the Prince2 retest for me.

During the first meeting with Regniuk I told her that I thought she could do the Prince2 exam well but I didn’t think she could do it for me. She was very patient and I was really impressed with her abilities. She showed me a couple of examples of her mistakes and I was impressed with her abilities to go back and correct them.

The next day I called Regniuk and asked her if she could do the Prince2 retest for me. Regniuk agreed to do it and the two of us set up a meeting. Regniuk came to the meeting prepared and ready to retake the Prince2 exam. We went over everything about the Prince2 exam and I thought she was great at helping me with my questions and answers.

During the meeting Regniuk and I discussed the directions of the Prince2 exam. I was very impressed with Regniuk’s knowledge of all of the things that needed to be studied before you took the Prince exam. She was extremely patient with me as well as I was dealing with learning the entire Prince exam and not having a lot of practice on it. She took really good care of me in that way and it was a joy to do the Prince2 exam with Regniuk.