Do I Need to Hire Someone to Do My Prince2 Exam?

There are a lot of people that are asking “Who should I hire to do my Prince2 Exam?” Well, I’ve taken one and know the answer. The answer is; you should NOT be doing it on your own.

The reason that most of the apprentices in my office failed their Prince2 agile practitioner exam was because they didn’t know how to study or they did it wrong. Most of them also didn’t have their mentor or coach with them.

Lack of knowledge and experience will lead to failure. Let me explain why.

As I stated in my last article, you need to get all the facts about the topics you will be reading and practicing on your practice test. Therefore, you will need to spend a few weeks studying for your Prince2 practitioner exam before the test even happens.

If you take the time to prepare for the practice test in this manner, you will find yourself going into the test with a renewed motivation. The passion will kick in and you will do everything possible to make sure you pass the exam.

But, without the study materials to back you up, what can you do? I personally know a few people that passed the agility exam but took a fall in front of a train as they were passing the Prince agility practitioner exam. I’m sure you won’t be that lucky!

I have two people in my office that passed their agility practitioner exam after a fall. These two individuals went through what I went through before my agility practitioner exam. They didn’t think twice about the fall, because they had their mentor and coach with them.

One of these individuals went through an additional month of studying for the agility practitioner test. He even bought some dedicated practice tests online.

This individual went through three or four agility practitioner tests per week. He studied hard so he could pass the test quickly.

I have seen many individuals, including myself, go through all this hard work only to get knocked out of the test because they forgot the practice test that they took the day before. In these cases, the reason for failing was that they didn’t have their mentor and coach to provide them with the support they needed.

What if you could get your mentor and coach with you when you take the practice test? What if you could schedule a time for you and your mentor to work together to complete the practice test and get you prepared for the agility practitioner exam?

If you are serious about passing your agility practitioner exam, then make sure you do more than just a practice test. Have your mentor and coach with you will be much better prepared for the agility practitioner exam.